Dentures are dental prosthetics affixed to a plate. They are removable and come in both partial and full sets. Dentures are an alternative to bridges for replacing missing teeth.

What are the Types of Dentures Available?

There are two types of dentures available: full and partial. Full dentures replace a full set of teeth. You can have a full set for your upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

Partial dentures replace only some teeth. This is ideal for those who have healthy teeth remaining.

What are Dentures Made Of?

The Teeth: There are two types of material commonly used to make the teeth on dentures.

  • Porcelain | Best for full dentures.
  • Acrylic Resin | Most commonly used material.
  • The Framework | There are three types of material commonly used to make the plate of dentures.
  • Rigid Acrylic Resin | Best for dentures that need a visible gumline, as they can be tinted to match your gums.
  • Flexible Nylon Polymer | Like the acrylic, the nylon polymer can be tinted.
  • Chrome Cobalt Metal | Have a smaller risk of breakage. Ideal for partial plates.

How do I Care for Dentures?

Caring for your dentures is fairly simple. You want to remove and rinse your dentures after eating. While you have the dentures off, clean your mouth thoroughly. You should brush your dentures at least once a day and soak your dentures in water, or a soaking solution, overnight.

What if I Don’t Want to Remove My Dentures?

It is possible to secure your dentures using strategically placed dental implants. The amount of required implants depends on the type of dentures you’re using. Dr. Potts or Dr. Schamel will gladly discuss your options with you.

What’s the Benefit of Dentures?

  • Removable | Dentures that are not implant-secured are easily removable for cleaning.
  • Working Teeth | You can have a full set of working teeth to help you chew and speak clearly.
  • Healthy Looking Smile | A full set of teeth can improve the look of your smile.

How do I Get Dentures?

Make an appointment and we will perform an examination to help determine if dentures are right for you. Then we will take a mold of your teeth (x-rays, if necessary) and have the mold sent to a laboratory. Once the dentures arrive, you will be fitted with them.

Flexible. Reliable. Fully Functioning.

Parkway Dental is prepared to discuss your denture options with you. Our team is trained and ready. Call for your appointment today!