“I have had a life-long fear of going to the dentist! When my trusted dentist retired a few years ago, Dr. Potts was recommended to me. 1 warned him I was not going to be an easy patient, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have been so pleased that I have recommended Dr. Potts and the hygienists to many friends and co-workers.”


”’1 had a severe case of dental phobia. Every time 1 opened my mouth, my jaw would ‘pop and click’. I constantly worried that 1 would need surgery to ease the pain and discomfort that this caused me. 1 was always anxious to visit the dentist’s office until I met and was treated by Dr. Potts and his wonderful staff. Before, during and after my treatment I was very comfortable and extremely pleased with the results. Not only is my pain a distant memory, but the results have literally changed my life. Dr. Potts is the most dedicated and caring dentist 1 have ever seen. I cannot say enough about the Parkway Dental Center team. 1 have never met such a pleasant, understanding and efficient group of people, always willing to help.”


“‘After maintaining the bonding on my teeth for over 20 years, 1 really wanted something more permanent and natural looking. Dr. Potts suggested porcelain veneers. My teeth are now very natural looking and beautiful. I never thought my teeth could look this good! Thank you to Dr. Potts and his caring staff for their excellent, gentle and compassionate care.”


“I have been under the care of Dr. Donald Potts since the inception of his dental practice. During this time I have received outstanding professional care not only during my regular check-ups but also during required procedures. The office staff is always courteous and has also attempted to schedule appointments that are convenient to my busy work schedule. Of special note is the recent care that I received during extensive dental work. Dr. Potts developed a treatment plan that ensured good dental health for the future. He
was dedicated to making certain that the dental plan and procedures accomplished the established goals. I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Potts and his support staff.”


“Dr. Potts has been the best dentist I have ever had. In the past I had numerous bad experiences. The last two years numerous problems with the teeth being worn and pitting of teeth near the roots led to the decision of placing all crowns on my teeth. I have always taken care of my teeth, but with the wear showed a lot of potential problems. Dr. Potts was my third consult, and he was a true blessing. The first two scared me with having jaw surgery to align the jaw as well as having braces for a period of two years. I have never had braces before.

Dr. Potts spent the time to explain what was to take place with my jaw and the
reconstruction of my teeth using crowns. First, he devised a splint for my jaw to establish the proper alignment. This was worn for a couple of months, before the second phase was to take place.

The second phase was long and I was so glad when it was completed. Dr. Potts was very patient with me and always told me ahead of time what he was going to do. I am very pleased with his work and I highly recommend him for doing and form of reconstruction on teeth. My smile has never been as pretty as it is today. Thank you to Dr. Potts and the rest of the team!”


“What can I say about Dr. Potts and his staff at Parkway Dental Health Professionals other than they provide the ultimate Dental Experience’ .
Dr. Potts is a problem solver and a leader in the latest technologies. The staff is
professional and personable. The doctor, coupled with the staff, provides a relaxed and friendly environment. They have such a great sense of humor that it is not unusual to end your visit with a smile on your face (even if it is crooked from the Novocaine)!!——- I chose PDHP six years ago and am extremely pleased with my choice. I believe you will be too!”